BizCloud HR Suite Attendance Module

Employee attendance is essential to a company. BizCloud HR Suite offers multiple ways to capture employee time attendance. You may choose a best solution that suits your corporate culture. The devices that are compatible with BizCloud HR Attendance module are:

Each of the device is unique with their capability. After the data is captured into database, the BMO HR Suite will help to perform analytics on the data.


Record time attendance with QR Code or Fingerprint scanning. Online or offline.


Record time attendance with QR Code or mobile GPS mapping. Online only.

P1500 Fingerprint Capture

Record time attendance with Fingerprint and software. Online or offline.

FaceT Face Temperature Recognition

Record time attendance with temperature and facial recognition. For stranger, photo recording is kept in database. Online or offline.


Attendance Device

Staff Attendance System

The BizCloud HR Suite attendance system is created to help employees achieve higher productivity yet comply with rules and regulations. By using our attendance system, our staff can clock in at the client’s premises, for example, our staff does not need to come to our office first but go to the customer straight in the morning. This has saved production time. If the employee applies for leave or when it is a public holiday, the attendance system will notice and identify that there shall be no attendance record for the day.

If e-Claim is set for overtime, the attendance system will notice and identify that there should be attendance and the time will be according to the claim form. Automation surely saves time and money, which is essential for any company to achieve cost-saving and productivity improvement.

Recording employee clock in and out, calculate worked hours, keep track of your employee work hours for better wages calculation. Need not worry about buddy punching again. We built the system on our own that works perfectly with e-Leave HRM System, e-Claim System, and Payroll System.


Offline System

BizCloud HR Suite is a cloud system. However, the attendance module can work alone and offline. With device like FaceT and QR-FP, you can use the attendance module as standalone device.

With QR-FP, your employee can use their phone for QR code scanning, eliminating contacts and all data will be stored in the local database, you just need to log in from a browser like Google Chrome to view the data.

Cloud Sync

BizCloud is the cloud service that is hosting the whole BizCloud HR suite. By optional setting, the HR admin can view reports online, centralize all data from branches into data for analytics, and always keep a set of data online.

The cloud servers are maintained by expert database engineers, and it is secured by data encryption, HTTPS secure layer, and data center security.


Work Pattern

The employee working pattern is a set of data to define when should the employee work. You can define employee to work in weekly pattern, 2 weekly, 3 weekly, alternate or monthly. You can also set employees to work on Saturday, alternate Saturday, etc.

The e-Leave HRM System Software will match the working pattern with attendance record to determine late, leave early, lunchtime, etc. After matching, the result is shown in your summary report.

An example of work pattern is:

  • Working from Monday to Friday
  • Start work
  • Lunch out
  • Lunch in
  • Tea out
  • Tea in
  • End work

The attendance list is full of time and employee ID. The system will consolidate the time and match it with the work pattern automatically if the employee does not choose the clock in or out type. With work pattern, the attendance system is able to identify if the employee is coming in promptly, taking lunch early, late, or spending the lunchtime accordingly and if the employee spends more time in the company after the end of work.


Many attendance systems can only identify in out time, but beyond that is the shift work, for example, some companies practice 4 days work, some companies practice morning shift, night shifts. The working hours may be from 7 pm until 3 am.

To capture the working pattern, the BizCloud HR suite Attendance module is reinforced with algorithms that help capture and consolidate all the data and analyzed it for the ease of HR administration.


Holiday and Off-days

When Attendance module is coupled with e-Leave module, the BizCloud HR Suite is able to recognize holiday and off-day or leave days for the employee. For example, the system will notify that the day leaves day and no attendance is required. This is important so that the AI data analysis won’t mark the day as absent or late.

The final attendance report will be proper as the holiday and off-days are excluded. This eases HR admin’s work as the routine paperwork has been filtered by the AI.

AI Assistant

Some A.I. assistant capabilities are:

  • Recognize early and lateness attendance
  • Recognize overtime, late leaving
  • Recognize off-days
  • Recognize shifts
  • Recognize work pattern

By using A.I. assistance, HR admin reduces paperwork, routine job and reduce human errors. Overall, more achievement can be obtained and further improve the productivity of the company. At the same time, the employee gain reduced paperwork and enhances their working experience.

The AI assistance can be customized to handle many routines works. And this is one of our strengths where we are able to help our customers code more automation.


Multiple Branches

With the BizCloud HR Suite online, you can support your HR needs for all branches. Attendance devices can be deployed to many branches and the attendance data is consolidated into a centralized datasheet. In our case, our employees can clock in at KL, Penang, or Johor branches, and the data analysis is done by centralized admin.

Leaves, claim and payroll generation can work seamlessly with multiple branches too. Each branch can be configured to see only their information and the centralized admin able to view all.

Centralized Admin

Admin can modify user setting by the authority, approval, and their attendance data. You can find a lot of reports for each module. The centralized admin standardizes approval policies and reduces paperwork.

If you need customization, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Comprehensive Attendance Data

Many attendances capturing devices are giving the simplest datasheet. The datasheet contains only time, and the access card or employee ID only. The HR admin will need to reconcile the data, goes through the datasheet row by row, and consolidate it into proper attendance data within and out.

If the situation where there are multiple in and out, then the HR admin will spend much time consolidating the datasheet into usable attendance records.

To address this problem, BizCloud HR Suite provides an innovative “Work pattern” to each employee group. The work pattern will be automatically matched and consolidate into readable in-out, lunch, early left, and excess working hours.

Mobile Attendance System

We have customers that need to collect attendance data at the remote area where there is no network. To address this problem, we let the thumbprint reader keep data before sync data.

The user uses our system to clock in and clock out, the data is kept until sync to the system.

mobile attendance system

BizCloud APP Mobile GPS Clock In

A Mobile Time and Attendance Apps that are capable of capturing GPS positions and time of clocks.
We use it to capture the attendance of our employees doing support on-site. For example, the employee does not need to attend to the office early in the morning, but go to customer place directly and clock in with the attendance mobile app.

The admin got the coordinate and Google map that shows where is the clock-in has been made. This can save a lot of operation time and improve productivity while given the employee flexibility of handling customers at the site. To get more detailed data, you can require employees to clock in and out multiple times and all the coordinates are recorded.

e-Leave HRM System and Attendance Integration

The attendance is integrated into BizCloud e-Leave HRM seamlessly. If an employee takes leave that day, the attendance report will show that the employee is on leave and the summary report will indicate leaves on the day. Save time.

For many SMEs, the automation of the Attendance System record can save your admin work. It is not recommended spending much time on routine and paper works but to focus on building the business itself.


HRDF Training

We work with, a PSMB certified training provider to provide training for your company. You may utilize the HRDF fund to train your employee to use the e-Leave HRM system.

Recording Employee Attendance

If you have employees, then you need to record attendance. In Malaysia, the Malaysian Employment Act defines the workweeks as 48 hours, with a maximum of 8 working hours per day and 6 working days per week. It is important to document every employee’s absence or tardiness, including the date, time, and reason for any given incident. You should always keep these documents:

  • Employee attendance records
  • Personnel or employment records
  • Payroll System records for at least 3 years
  • Employee benefit plan (such as pension and insurances plans)
  • Documents of wage rates, job evaluations, seniority and merit systems, and any agreements between employees and company
  • The relevant documents are very important for reference when there are any incidents such as SOCSO claims, etc.

For SME owners, which have to focus on the core business, they should not spend their time and too many resources maintaining the daily routine job but should let a proven system handle automated tasks.


Human Resources Management System and HR Outsourcing Service for SMEs

Select a package and keep your human resources organized. You can:

  1. Use Attendance System Malaysia as a standalone login terminal to login with fingerprint, magnetic access card, or password.
  2. Use it with your POS Terminal
  3. Manage your company HR activities with our built-in modules
  4. Outsource your monthly HR processing functions to us. We will handle it for you.

If your company consists of multiple branches in a different location, BMO HR Attendance Software is comprehensive for you to keep track of your employees’ leaves and work hours. Recorded data from all branches will be synced to the BMO Cloud System.

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