Payroll Software with Time Attendance System

e-Leave HRM is a transparent payroll software that enables the employer to generate accurate payroll and employee to view and understand the impact of the variable pay structure in a timely manner. The payroll system automatically calculates all attendance using time attendance system apart from taxes on the employee’s payslips. At the same time, e-Leave HRM Software assists the employer to comply with all statutory requirements such as EPF, Socso, EIS, Income tax and Bonuses using our payroll software.

  • Generate monthly payroll from web application
  • Take claims, attendance, and leave into the calculation of payroll
  • Follow strictly to government legislation for Socso, EPF, EIS, income tax and etc
  • Generate, modify and print payroll for every employee
  • EA form can be generated year end
  • Leave balances and claims will be reflected in payroll
  • Customize the behavior of the automatic calculation in the payroll system
payroll system define income

Define Employee Income Type

  • Define income type for every employee.
  • You can choose to display a particular item on the payslip or otherwise.
  • Daily wages are calculated automatically and to be deducted if any unpaid leave is taken.

Employee Payroll

  • Take advantage of the Search filters built into the payroll system.
  • It helps you find the payroll faster and become more productive.
  • Alternatively, you can view all generated payroll on this page.
Employee Payroll List
Payroll Generator

Generate Payroll

  • Generate payroll before your company payday.
  • You can choose to print it or generate it as PDF for your employee to view from the payroll system.
  • Achieve accuracy and consistency to minimize risk across all systems.
  • e-Leave HRM payroll calculations take deduction limits such as EPF, Socso, Income tax into account.

Payroll time and attendance Records (Pay Period List)

  • Past payroll data are kept in the payroll system.
  • Payroll software helps HR administrators to keep track of all employees’ records and prepare for payroll auditing.
Payroll Records
Payroll Payslip

Employee Personal Payroll Access

  • Employees can view past months payslips and directly print it.
  • Income Summary and Tax Deduction will be available in the payslip including Socso, EPF, EIS and income tax deductions