BizCloud HR Suit Payroll Module

BizCloud HR Suite Payroll Module enables the employer to generate accurate payroll easily. The personal payroll function let employees view their own payroll from BizCloud App in their mobile phone. The payroll module includes multiple pay structure and employers are able to customize the payment structure anytime.

The payroll system automatically calculates all attendance using a time attendance system apart from taxes on the employee’s payslips.

At the same time, e-Leave HRM Software assists the employer to comply with all statutory requirements such as EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Income Tax, and Bonuses using our payroll software.



Generate monthly payroll from the web


Take claims, attendance, and leave into the calculation of payroll


Follow strictly to government legislation for SOCSO, EPF, EIS, Income Tax, etc.


e-Leave HRM payroll calculations take deduction limits such as EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax and EIS into account


Generate, modify, and print payroll for every employee


EA form can be generated year-end


Leave balances and claims will be reflected in payroll


Customize the behavior of the automatic calculation in the payroll system


You can choose to print it or generate it as a PDF for your employee to view from the payroll system

By using payroll system, you can achieve accuracy and consistency to minimize risk across all systems.

payroll system define income

Employee Income Type

Some example of employee income type includes salary, bonus, commissions, allowance, etc. Some group of employees are allowed to receive particular income type, but at the same time some group is not allowed. The HR admin is allowed to define employee income type.

  • Define income type for every employee
  • You can choose to display a particular item on the pay-slip or otherwise
  • Daily wages are calculated automatically and to be deducted if any unpaid leave is taken
  • You can define which income type is eligible for SOCSO, EIS, PCB from the system

Employee Deduction Type, SOCSO, Income Tax, EPF, EIS

HR admin can define deduction type for each income. The type can further define to based on different discount table.


Payroll Module As Standalone Software

You may use BizCloud HR Suite Payroll module as standalone software without the e-leave, e-claim and attendance. By doing so, you can generate pay-slips by:

  • Generate from the application
  • Uploads Excel to generate pay-slip

The Excel format is easy to use and can be reused every month.

Payroll Module

The BMO Payroll Module is released to all SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) in Malaysia. Everyone is welcomed to use the Payroll Module. The payroll module contains all features and able to expand anytime.

With Payroll Module, you can create employees, define their income type and setup deduction type. Lastly, you can download an Excel template and upload the value to generate pay-slips.

The pay-slips can be printed out or view from BizCloud App as personal payroll.


Payroll With Time Attendance, e-Claim And e-Leave Modules

When you have extended the payroll module to include attendance module, the system can assist to handle overtime, lateness, absent etc. With e-claim, the HR can automate claim form, and add the claim into the payroll automatically.

e-leave module will help the HR to automate leave taking and calculate the unpaid leave and display leave information inside the pay-slip (optional).

Pay Period List

Past payroll data are kept in the payroll system. Payroll software helps HR administrators to keep track of all employees’ records and prepare for payroll auditing.

Payroll Records