GPS Location with Details

Hassle-free mobile time attendance app for your employees

Track Employee’s Exact Location

  • Using our mobile time attendance GPS tracking app, employees can easily clock in and out for work right from their own mobile device.
  • The management can also view the attendance details in the HRM system.
  • As long as the internet service and GPS signal are available, your employees can thumb in their attendance using any GPS-enabled devices from anywhere.
  • Your employee’s exact location (address) will be traceable and leads to effective time management.
gps location with details

e-leave hrm attendance gps location address

Details Attendance information with GPS Location

  • The attendance system records the time stamps. Now a new feature is added where GPS coordinate of the employee thumb in location will recorded and attendance system will display as location address. All done via attendance mobile app.
  • All the relevant information for all the staffs including the date, time in/out, attendance type and location will be stored in the system and management is able to view these information anytime.
  • The organization will become more effective and efficient with this GPS time attendance tracking app.

Works on Android & iPhone

  • The attendance mobile app will be able work with both Android or Apple Devices.
  • For sales person who is always on the go, this attendance mobile app would offer conveniences to them and management when tracking their where-abouts and plan their customer meet up schedule more efficiently.

mobile attendance devide with gps location