P1500 Attendance System

e-Leave HRM helps SME HR operations easier. We do that by combining hardware devices and software. Robust and comprehensive P1500 fingerprint attendance system. This package comes with:

No more complicated attendance system, as it enables easy storage and fully secured access to data anytime, anywhere. Combination of these two attendance device offers great scalability, adaptability and automatic upgrades of the system.



P1500U Are U Fingerprint Reader 4500
Compatible OS: Windows 10 Home ( license is included )Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, Java, Android
Resolution: 1920*1080 IPSResolution: 512dpi
CPU: Intel Core i3-5005U
Speed: up to 2GHz
Image crawl area: 14.6mm (center standard width); 18.1mm (standard length)
Multi-touch: 10 points touchSensor: Optical Sensor
GPU: Intel HD Graphics8-bit grayscale
Storage: 180GB M.2 SSD
FAR<0.0001% | FFR<1%
I/O Port: Micro SD, USB : Type A USB3.0 , USB2.0, LAN RJ45, Audio output, HDMI output, RS232, VESA holesInterface : USB1.1, compatible with USB1.0,1.1,2.0 full speed

The P1500 is running eleaveHRM attendance system which can record all attendance. The data is then presented directly to CSV or excel format. You can directly open the attendance file in excel.


  • All attendance data is saved offline

  • To view data, you need to download it to excel spreadsheet

  • You pay just once

  • Auto or manual sync data to BMO cloud (BizCloud)

  • Admin can access the data from browser

  • Admin can add users from web site

  • Admin can manage work pattern from web site

  • All offline functions are maintained

  • You have to pay monthly for cloud subscription

Countertop Fingerprint Attendance

The table top attendance is specially designed for table or counter use (80-140cm). With fingerprint sensor placed on top of terminal, it enables all-directional fingerprint reading for the convenience of attendance. BioID high sensitivity fingerprint sensor provides faster and more accurate fingerprint verification.

For mobility, it is even built-in detachable battery lasting for up to 8 hours, and micro-USB power supply for power bank (minimum 2A) connection, there are no more worries for lacking power sockets supply.



Display2.8" Colour LCD
Fingerprint Capacity1000
Record Capacity50000
CommunicationWiFi (WLAN, USB host), USB Host
Standard FunctionsBioID, DST, Self-Service Query, 9 Digit User ID, Automatic Status Switch, Scheduled Bell, T9 Input, SSR Report, Backup Battery
Operating Temperature0 °C - 45 °C
Operating Humidity20% ~ 80%
PowerDC 5V 2A
Battery4000 mAh
CapabilityZKtime.net 3.0, ZKtime 5.0, ZKAccess 3.5, TA Assistant (Optional)
NoteHotspot of WiFi work with TA Assistant APP


time attendance system

  • All attendance data is saved online
  • Retrieve data in to your PC with software
  • You can export data to software and do all HR operations in the PC


bio attendance system

  • Apart from all offline functions, you can sync attendance data online to BMO cloud (BizCloud)
  • Admin can access the data from browser
  • Admin can add users from web site
  • Admin can manage work pattern from web site
  • All offline functions are maintained
  • You have to pay monthly for cloud subscription

Mobile GPS Attendance System

Work with android and IOS

  • Mobile GPS attendance is a feature in BizCloud app. You can download the app from IOS app store or Google Play Store
  • Your employee can install the app and check in as attendance with GPS
  • You can map the route if check in and out is done many times with many GPS points
  • For example, employee that is mobile can check in from the customer place

The Mobile Attendance only work with BMO cloud. You have to pay for the minimum monthly subscription.

Standalone Fingerprint Attendance Terminal

LX15,with SSR report (Self-Service-Recorder) stored in the time clock, which is applicable to small chain stores. Employee’s infomation can be redacted in excel format. Also it is standard with USB Host and USB Client, smart shape design, especially with 2.8 inches TFT display, vivid interface for fingerprint image quality and verification result etc. No internet needed.



Algorithm versionZKFinger VX 10.0
User Capacity500
Fingerprint Capacity500
Transaction50 000
Power Supply5V 800mA
CommunicationUSB Host/Client
Standard FunctionScheduled-bell, SSR Recorder, 9 digit user, T9 Input, Record Checking, Multiple Languages
Dimensions185mm x 140mm x 30mm

Door Access System with installation

Door Access System is built on flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring , and control of your access control system-all from a browser, with no additional software to install. The system works for building, office, factory, premises, and equipment to protect and prevent unauthorized access.

  • 1 unit x RFID keypad
  • 1 unit x Em lock Magnet Bar
  • 1 unit x Power adaptor
  • 10 unit x proximity card
  • 1 unit x push button