Employee Income List

employee income list payroll system


Every working employee in an organization earns a different salary rate, which is highly confidential among individuals. To appreciate employees’ efforts in the organization, the management will offer specific benefits to the employee. Individuals earning from an organization comprise many types: monthly allowance, phone allowance, petrol allowance, accommodation, outstation allowance, commissions, and many more. The Human Resources Department will have to process the payroll for every employee.

This process can be done quickly by using the HRM e-Leave System. A list of all employee’s names will be in the system. Hence, to process the employee’s payroll and salary, the HR has to key in relevant information under the ‘income type’ such as basic salary, allowances entitlement, commissions, or other benefits. For every type of income, the HR can tick which one will be deducted for EPF, SOCSO, PCB, and EIS. Once completed, the employee’s income list will be in the system for quicker payroll processing. Even one of the staff gets a promotion, the HR Department can edit easily in the system.

With this HRM e-Leave System, the Human Resources department can process payroll more conveniently and more comfortable, yet reducing human errors.