Company Event or Event Calendar

Every company has its specific corporate events including corporate holidays, public holidays, class, etc. You can add any events that you want into the HRM system. All events can be viewed from the monthly calendar.

Event Calendar

Create Company Event

  1. Go to HR > Company Setting > New Company Event
  2. Choose any event type, for example, Corporate Holiday and Class.
  3. Key in all necessary details and select entitled branch, employee type, and employee group.
  4. Click Save.

Example 1

You can create a corporate holiday, company anniversary, and it is entitled to all employees. In this example, this corporate event is a holiday, so you need to set it as a holiday by putting a tick in the square box. Then, the system will automatically trace all holidays themselves.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar

Example 2

You can also add non-holiday events such as training classes. By adding this event into the system, the event will show in the employee calendar. Subsequently, it acts as a reminder for employees to attend the training class when employees check their calendar.

All added events will show in the list. If there is any cancellation of a corporate event, you may remove it by clicking on the Delete button.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Event Calendar is accessible from e-Leave > Leave Calendar
All corporate events will show in the calendar so that HR can view them easily with one glance.