BizCloud App
A reliable companion in your phone

With the advancement of mobile phone technology, many tasks can be done via mobile phone. BizCloud App is the exact application that will help your HR admin and employees to achieve more.
BizCloud App is fully integrated with our HRM e-Leave System, employers and employees can access the HR e-Leave System by just using a smartphone.

BizCloud App for e-Leave

  • Employees can apply for leave from their mobile phones
  • Attach photo, medical certificate etc. with the leave application
  • Check their leave policy and balance
  • Approve leaves from a mobile phone
  • Receive notification
BizCloud App for Attendance

  • Employee can scan QR code for attendance capture with QR-FP, QR-GPS
  • Employee can clock in with mobile phones with GPS clock-in
  • View event calendar
  • Receive notification
BizCloud App for e-Claim

  • Employees fill-up the e-Claim form from their phone
  • User can snap a photo to attach with their e-claim form
  • Admin will make the decision to approve the claim or reject the claim
  • Receive notification
BizCloud App for Payroll

  • Employee able to view personal payroll on their mobile phone
  • This work for free payroll module as well

Free Download

BizCloud App can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Apps Store, or by downloading the APK installation file here. The application is free and it needs to login with BizCloud HR Suite’s username and password.

Android Device

Apple Device



Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store on your mobile phone to install.
If your phone is not supported, please click the BLUE Button.

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Free Online Support
Our support personals will help you to do setting and operation online. There are a few channels of how we can support you. From calls, Whatsapp, Skype, AnyDesk or do remote PC support via team viewer.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries.