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5.3.2 Leave Approval By Email Link from e-Leave

In some cases, your managers could only access their email account only. BMO e-Leave has that covered by offering email notification function.
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5.4 e-Leave Calendar Leave Display

Besides providing employees own leave details, your staff can also view other colleague’s leave details within the same department. Most importantly all your supervisors or managers could view the overall department leave calendar and approved leave online. With better overview of your employee’s leave, this will encourage everyone to improve leave planning.

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5.4.1 e-Leave Calendar Display for Admin

BMO online leave management system is capable to help your company to improve company operational efficiency by first improving leave planning. To ensure your company operates without hiccups, it is necessary for you to have an overview of the employee's leave.
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5.4.2 e-Leave Calendar Display for Employee

For more clarity, BMO e-Leave obtains data from the BMO system and turn it into a visual calendar. Your employee's individual leave information and colleagues (from the same department) leave application will be made available for your viewing anytime.
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5.5 Resend Email to Approver

In many cases, your supervisor or manager could miss out your leave application email notification as there are many incoming emails for them daily. To overcome this problem, your employees can resend the notification email to related management teams for their attention.
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5.6.2 Carry Forward Leave Validity

With the built in function in BMO e-Leave, you can make configurations to the Leave Settings so the leave can be auto carried forward without prior authorisation from the Department Head.
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6.0 Calendar Setting

BMO e-Leave caters to companies with multiple branches. BMO Online Leave Management System can combine up to 2 company e-Leave accounts if necessary.
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6.1.1 Insert Company Code into e-Leave

Before you can combine your e-Leave Calendar activities, you need to insert your company branch account login ID.
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6.1.2 View All Events, Leave, Task in e-Leave Calendar

After combining your company BMO e-Leave accounts, your administrators should be able to view all events, public holidays, leaves and tasks, all combined in the e-Leave Calendar.
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7.1 Create / Import Company Events in e-Leave

Besides adding regular leave types at BMO Online Leave Management System, you are able to add company events (e.g Company Annual Dinner, Company Trip) to your e-Leave calendar as well. It is a major convenience when the event is added to your e-Leave calendar and it can be viewed by all employees.
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