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BMO Online e-Leave System

LHDN Approved Payroll Software

BMO Payroll Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) using Computerized Calculation Method has been approved by Malaysia’s Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN). Our payroll solutions are fully compliant with all local regulatory standards in Malaysia.

QR Fingerprint & QR GPS For Attendance Tracking

  • Simple fingerprint biometric with QR code attendance tracking device.
  • Ideal for human resource management or administration
  • Monitor employees’ time attendance and processing timesheets more efficiently.

e-Leave System and HRM System Introduction Video

Manage Your Human Resources Operation Anytime & Anywhere with eLeave HRM System

A.I Assisted Attendance System

Easily Handles Any Work Shifts

One of the most feature rich attendance system available.

  • Handle standard office hour, e.g. from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Handle shifts within 0 am to 12 PM or same day.
  • Handle shifts spanning two different days, e.g. start working 10 pm and end at 7 am next day.

Auto Track Employee Attendance

  • Auto indicates employee lateness.
  • Auto indicates extra working hours
  • Automatic calculate recess time (early or late in).
  • Auto match to the predefined employee-specific workdays.
  • Able to identify employee absence.

Scheduled Work Pattern Changes

  • Scheduled work pattern switch, e.g. this week work morning shift and next week work night shift.
  • You are also able to handle attendance based on work hour, e.g. the employee group need to work 8 hours per day regardless of their working time.

HRM System Introduction Video

Manage Your Human Resource Operations Anytime & Anywhere with HRM System!

Seamless Integration With e-Leave and e-Claims

  • When coupled with e-Leave, it can identify the reason of absence e.g. on leave, MC, given holiday or etc.
  • When coupled with e-claims, the attendance system can identify extra working hours as over time. OT and leave claim during work on public holiday.
facial recognition attendance

Facial Recognition Attendance

When worked with Thermal Facial recognition device, it can use A.I to calculate and automatically matched the working pattern according to employee’s predefined pattern.

Central Attendance System and Multi Device Compatible

Check in and out through different branches or different devices, the A.I will match and combine into proper in-out attendance record. Check in and out via different device, e.g. check in using fingerprint then check out using mobile phone.

central attendance system multi device compatible

Omni Channel Attendance Tracking

Able to capture attendance clocked in location with GPS, Photo, fingerprint, facial recognition or QR code. Able to define working hour for each employee, define a work pattern and switch if needed.


real time reporting

Realtime reporting. The attendance report can be generated real time, anytime, anywhere. Multiple reports are available. Reports can be exported to EXCEL for further analysis. Report can be customized. Developers are assisting to generate special reports.


eleave support
The best part of our attendance system is the dynamic support from our developer team. Each company has their own set of tweaked business rules, we are here to support our client to enhance. We are easily reached by phone, Whatsapp or email.

Ways to Check-in and Check-out

multi device attendance tracking

Multi Device Attendance Tracking

Check in/out using Mobile Phone, Fingerprint and P901 device, QR-GPS, QR-FP, TF-100 and a thermal facial recognition device.

Flexible Check In/Out Location

Check in/out can be done at fixed station or from anywhere, e.g. from customer premise or from home. Perfect for Employee Self-Service, eliminating data entry needs.

BizCloud App with BizCloud HR Suite

bizcloud app with hr software leave application

Leave Application

Employees can apply leave via BizCloud app with attachments such as Medical Certificate by snapping photos with their phone. Admin can approve or reject leaves from their phone too. Personal leave information is available for employee to check their leave entitlements.

bizcloud app with hr software claim application

Claim Application

Employees can make e-Claim via BizCloud App, they can snap the parking tickets, receipts etc., and then upload it directly. Admin can make approval or rejection by examining the uploaded photo.
bizcloud app with hr software gps attendance clock in

GPS Attendance Clock In

Saving employee’s time will drastically increase productivity, our employee makes appointments with clients and visit their premise directly from their house, the attendance is done by clock in at the client premise. Save time, increase productivity.

bizcloud app with hr software personal payroll viewer

Personal Payroll Viewer

With BizCloud Apps, you can let your employee view their personal payroll in the apps. This could reduce paper used and reduce the process of distributing payroll sheet by paper.

bizcloud app with hr software-multiple reports in bizcloud app

Multiple Reports In BizCloud App

Multiple reports for admin or employees are available through the app itself. Reducing the process of log in to your workstation to view reports. HR admin can make decision anytime with the help of mobile reports.

bizcloud app with hr software geo fencing

Geo Fencing Attendance System

Employees are only able to clock in from allowed geographical boundaries. If you allow staff to clock in outside the boundaries, you will receive a notification shows that they are outside of the geo fencing area.

Download BizCloud Mobile App

bizcloud app android app
bizcloud app ios app
Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store on your mobile phone to install. If your phone is not supported, please click HERE.
By installing Bizcloud App, you agree to our Terms & Privacy Policy.

Face Temperature Scanner Employee HR Attendance System

Automated BMO FaceT Contactless Temperature Measurement Fit for Worldwide MNC Office Building, Singapore Malls, Malaysia Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, SME Office, School, Restaurant Entry Points and record employee attendance with e-Leave system integrated HRM System. Our BMO FaceT is currently Ready Stock with Fast Installation service to meet current market demands, especially during the Covid-19 situation.

Contactless Visitor Recording Solution

The BMO FaceT can record visitor temperature and photo into the database. This makes the device not only capable of recording employee attendance but visitor photo and temperature as well. The add-on is a value-added for the attendance system.

Manage Your Human Resources Operation Using HRM System

Simplify tasks on Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll and Assessment with Human Resource Management

  • Apply leave easily via mobile app or PC
  • Automated leave application system
  • Flexible employee’s work pattern, shift calculation, etc.
  • Image & document uploads
  • Personalized expense claims, upload MC, images, toll receipts, parking, petrol, etc.
  • Multi-level approval setting
  • Settlement of claim via payment
  • Mobile app time attendance system clock in with GPS map
  • Wi-Fi thumbprint attendance recorder
  • Automated timesheet record, downloadable CSV
  • Optional sync data to the cloud
  • Multiple branches, shift, multiple working patterns
  • Automatic calculation of EPF / SOCSO/ LHDN / EIS
  • Automated generate EA form
  • Leave and claim migration
  • Print or save as PDF
  • Keep your company know-how in the database
  • Ease your employee learning process
  • KPI monitoring system software and self-assessment
  • Admin can ask the system to auto mark the question set to save time and reduce human errors.
  • Employee document, certificates, contracts, scan and everything in one place
  • Tagged by employee
  • Retrieve any documents that have been safely stored in the system

5 Steps to Automate Your HR

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e-leave hrm system free setup

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e-leave hrm system subscription

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All Bundles & Modules Can Work Independently

Our modules are capable of working with your current system. We have customers that use single or multiple modules to accompany their main system. For example, some of them use only our Attendance System to couple with their payroll system to aid their HR process. We encourage all SMEs to take steps to digitize and transform into Smart HR processes and improve productivity.

e-leave attendance system modules
p1500 attendance system malaysia
E Leave HRM System enables you to log in from any device to check the employee’s attendance record from anywhere at any time! A perfect solution for companies with multiple work locations or branches. P1500 Attendance System with discounted pricing for your convenience. This new bundle includes:
  • 11.5 Inches Touch Screen
  • Attendance Software
No more complicated attendance system, as it enables easy storage and fully secured access to data anytime, anywhere. A combination of these two attendance devices offers great scalability, adaptability, and automatic upgrades of the system.

Hardware Catalogue

qrfp300 attendance system malaysia
QR Fingerprint Attendance System


qr-gps attendance system malaysia
QR GPS Attendance System


u-are-u-fingerprint reader
U are U Fingerprint Attendance System


Download our latest brochure including information about our products and services.
student attendance system

Student Attendance System has a practical, easy-to-use software package that makes student attendance, absences, and tracking much simpler with QR code attendance system.

With so many options and capabilities, the Students Attendance System using QR code is one of the best choice for colleges, schools, tuition centers, and universities!

GPS Attendance Clock In

Our HRM System paired with Mobile Time Attendance will allow employees to punch in attendance using any GPS-enabled devices at any location, any time as long as internet service and GPS signals are available. For example, employees do not need to attend to the office early in the morning, but go to the customer place directly and clock in with the mobile app.
time and attendance application

Leave Carry Forward

In e-Leave HRM System, we satisfy the employee and employers by providing flexible leave management. Leave carry forward can be limited by years, months, leave types, etc.

Best of all, you can always contact us to help you with your settings.

Feature Customization

We understand every company is different. Therefore, you have your own set of business rules. Our experience, we listen to your needs, and we customize the feature to suit you if all configurations are out and if it is needed. We, as an experienced software developer and entrepreneur are willing to listen to you and help you to solve your HR problems.
bio time attendance system

Snap Attachment Photo

It is easy to submit claims into the HR System Software by following the steps:

  1. Log in BizCloud App
  2. Snap Receipts
  3. Submit Claims
  4. Approve
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BizCloud Android App

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time and attendance apps

Android Log in


Android Main Page


Set Attendance


Submit Attendance

BizCloud iOS App

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time and attendance application

iOS Log in


iOS Menu


Set Attendance


Update Attendance

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Employee File Management

Cloud file storage module lets your human resource administrator access employee-related files securely from anywhere. Each employee can attach any files. For example:
  • Signed agreement
  • Parking Tickets
  • Certificates
  • Photos
  • Employee Data
  • Any related documents
You can retrieve the employee file by searching to the employee and find the related file, then view it online or download it. All files are securely stored by Google Drive and the BizCloud human resource system password.
malaysia hr payroll

Employee Work Pattern for Attendance

In the eLeave HRM Attendance system, you can set a work pattern to any employee type. For example:

  • 4 working days per week for operators
  • Alternate Saturday/Sunday off-day
  • Shift changes
  • Different working time

The work pattern is used to calculate attendance and leave days.

Corporate Leave and Event Calendar

Better management with all in one leave and event calendar. All company events can be shown in this calendar for different employee types. With a simple color-coded calendar interface, you can see who is on leave and when they are due back in a whole calendar view. Everyone in your company can plan their work, know their counterparts’ leave plan, and more importantly increases teamwork and improve productivity.
staff attendance malaysia

Centralized Attendance Management

With E Leave HRM Attendance System, you can sync all attendance data to our BizCloud. Then, you can access the data for payroll, claims and other administration need.

One Clicks Announcement

By integrating iSMS.com.my (bulk SMS service), you can directly interact with your employees, send announcements to the whole group or specific category. Your employee can also reply to the SMS directly. This will help you to manage your human resources more effectively.
student attendance system monthly report

Monthly Attendance System Report

e Leave HRM Monthly Attendance Report improves business, organization, or school efficiency by calculating attendance total and present the data in an overview report manner. Through this reporting method, managers or HR will be able to proceed faster to the next step such as payroll. Thus saving a lot of time or paperwork every month.

GPS Location with Details

The task of tracking the attendance of your mobile workforce involves a lot of time and effort. With e-Leave Mobile Attendance tracking, you can add location detail to the timestamps when your employee thumbs in. Your employee’s exact location (address) will be traceable and leads to effective time management.
gps location
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BizCloud App New Features


e-Leave System allows snapping photos of attachment

  • You can easily attach photos of your document for leave application.
  • Use a mobile phone to snap any supportive document (medical certificate, emergency leave, etc.) for attachment.
  • Once done take a photo of your document, it will be uploaded to the system.
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Snap photos of attachment using Claim Management System

  • You can easily attach photos of your claim into the HR Software for claim application.
  • By using a mobile phone app, you can snap the claim receipt for attachment.
  • Once done take a photo of your receipt, it will be uploaded to the system.
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Our Support

We provide 7 Days Support. Contact us NOW at 1800 87 7061 or email to sales@bizcloud.asia

Worldwide Support (GMT +8) Mon – Fri 9am – 8pm | Sun 2pm – 6pm | Sat 9am – 6pm [/two_third] [one_third last=”yes”]

We support you by helping you to set up to begin the HRM system. You can reach us for any issues or questions at any time.

Contact us for service demo! [/one_third]
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Success Stories

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property developer hrm systemJune 2022
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How our Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System works (Employee HR)

  1. Buy fingerprint scanner from us.
  2. Scan your employee’s fingerprint into the attendance system, insert their working patterns, shifts, etc.
  3. The employee thumbs in every day at the countertop fingerprint device from any company branch.
  4. Daily attendance data will be synced to e-leave.com.my Cloud System
  5. HR Administrator will log in to Leave application to view the report, generate a report, or edit any setting.
  6. If it is connected to eLeave HRM and payroll, the eLeave HRM will take into account the attendance, and payroll will reflect the absence.
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claim management system

How our e-Claim System improve your HR process

  1. Your employee log in to their account, key in claim item, value, and then chooses to upload a photo of receipts, toll, etc. Finally, save the draft or submit the claim.
  2. The claim will be sent to the email for approval automatically.
  3. The whole process is simple and most simple to operate by even low-level employees.
  4. The admin has multiple settings to limit the type of claim the employee can submit and even the maximum claim value per employee.
  5. Finally, the payment can be done by manual update, print payment voucher, or even include in the payroll.
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How our ELeave HRM System reduces your paperwork

  1. Initially, you set up leaves available for each type of employee, then the system automatically calculates leave entitlement and reimbursement and other from here.
  2. Employee log in to apply for leave via mobile app or website, the process is designed to be very easy for an even lower level employee to use.
  3. Supervisor can approve leave via email according to the level and group of approval.
  4. Reports available for admin.
  5. If it is linked to the payroll system and employee attendance system, the payroll can show the leave balance, and the attendance report will show the leave applied too.
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How our Payroll System works

  1. Every month the HR needs to generate payroll statements for employees. With the help of e-Leave HRM, the payroll is generated automatically.
  2. Calculate SOCSO, EPF, EIS, income tax, etc.
  3. If e-claim and e-Leave HRM is included, you can opt to show the balance leave and claim payment.
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HR Employee Management(assessment and knowledge transfer)

  1. There is a question bank inside the eLeave system. Your expert can key in questions into the question bank with answers.
  2. Then question set can be defined by picking up questions. Once done, assign the set to the employees to answer.
  3. They can answer to do self-evaluation questions in KPI system software, knowledge transfer, or test.
  4. This eases knowledge transfer and reduces training time and effort.
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upload file

File and document management

  1. You can scan all your documents online, the document can be tag under employee and put the description and remark for easy retrieve later.
  2. The document can be PDF or picture format.
  3. The data is stored securely and accessible only by authorized personnel.
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Training with HRDF Fund

  1. Do not worry about training your staff to use the eLeave system. We worked with ITPA (a PSMB Certified Training Center) where you can utilize your HRDF fund to train your employee to use the e-Leave HRM System.
  2. The training can be done in your venue or out of your premise.