Attendance System

Keep track of your employee work hours for better wages calculation. Need not worry about buddy punching again. Our paperless attendance system features an 8 inches tablet, paired with a finger-print reader and RFID reader*. We built the attendance system by our own that works perfectly with e-Leave, e-Claim and Payroll system – no integration and incompatible issue.

  • Multiple branches or locations support
  • Data is sync daily and can be captured in real time
  • Edit or update employee clock in/out data by admin
  • Access timesheet data anytime from web browser
  • Integrate with Payroll system

Managing Employees Attendance

Employee attendance is important for a company. As all company need to keep a record of employee working time for SOCSO claim in Malaysia, or any worker insurance related matter. It is also vital to calculate employees’ working hour. In our design, we assume there are two types of attendance system needed.


Single location
Where there only one station needed. All the data collected and send to cloud based HRM system.

Multiple locations
Where there are branches, or locations, and the data all sync to cloud based HRM for further processed by HR department.

Our approach is to make the system as simple and easy to use as possible. It is running on a simple hardware.

Put this device to replace traditional access, clock in-out device and etc.



Sync data onlineBy login to online HRM, you can view all attendance records
Employee managementThe online HRM offer easy and comprehensive employee management
BackupThe employee data are stored online
MaintenanceYou do not need a MIS team to manage the system


The attendance system is totally capable of running without internet. When there is no internet, all data will be store locally. When there is internet, you can choose to sync the data online, or keep it offline. This is particularly important in a lot of locations without internet. And with tablet, it can even work for a few hours on batteries.

Please contact us for demo session or online demo session.

The attendance report offline.
The attendance report online.

Recording Employee Attendance

If you have employees, then you need to record attendance. In Malaysia, the Malaysian Employment Act defines the work weeks as 48 hours, with a maximum of 8 working hours per day and 6 working days per week.

It is important to document every employee absence or tardiness, including the date, time and reason for any given incident.

You should always keep these documents

  1. Employee attendance records
  2. Personnel or employment records
  3. Payroll records for at least 3 years
  4. Employee benefit plan (such as pension and insurances plans)
  5. Documents of wage rates, job evaluations, seniority and merit systems, and any agreements between employees and company

The relevant documents are very important for reference when there are any incidents such as SOCSO claims, and etc.

For SME owner, which have to focus on the core business, they should not spend their time and too much resources maintaining the daily routine job, but should let a proven system handle automated tasks.

Here we offer 3 types of attendance system

  1. Table top attendance device
  2. XW Cloud attendance system
 Table Top Attendance DeviceXW Cloud Attendance System
Finger Print AttendanceYY
Software ManageYY
Report AnalysisY
Android App GPS Clock InY
Android App e-leaveY
Cloud backup & AccessY
BizCloud AppRM 50 / month (≤ 50 employees)
RM 100 / month (≤ 100 employees)
> 100 employees, call for quotation

Table Top Attendance Device

The table top attendance recording device comes with fingerprint sensor placed on top of terminal, it enables all-directional fingerprint reading for the convenience of attendance.
For mobility, it is even built-in detachable battery lasting for up to 8 hours, and micro-USB power supply for power bank (minimum 2A) connection, there are no more worries for lacking power sockets supply.

Table Top Attendance Device


  1. Employee attendance records
  2. Personnel or employment records
  3. Payroll records for at least 3 years
  4. Employee benefit plan (such as pension and insurances plans)
  5. Documents of wage rates, job evaluations, seniority and merit systems, and any agreements between employees and company

Max User is 1000, Max Fingerprint is 1000, Max Record is 50,000 rows.

Software access
Software will be provided to retrieve attendance record. The report can be exported to excel or PDF.

Software Access: Attendance Logs

Exported Excel: Attendance Logs

XW Cloud Attendance System

The cloud attendance system collect attendance record and then send the record to BizCloud apps for further analysis.

The attendance collection device can be the same table top attendance device with finger print. The device can be deploy to multiple locations, such as KL, Penang, or Johor. When the user clock in or out, a computer software will retrieve the data and send it to cloud.

The administrator at central office can then retrieve the attendance record. The BizCloud app will analyze the attendance record crossed with the employees working pattern.

XW Cloud Attendance System: Attendance Logs & Summary

Excel Export: Attendance Logs & Summary

BizCloud App Mobile GPS Clock In

BizCloud app is a Mobile App that is capable of capturing GPS positions and time of clocking. We use it to capture the attendance of our employees doing support on site. For example, the employee do not need to attend to office early in the morning, but go to customer place directly and clock in with the mobile app.

The admin got the coordinate and google map that show where is the clock in has been made.
This can save a lot of operation time and improve productivity while given the employee the flexibility of handling customer at the site.

For more detail, you can require employee to clock in and out multiple times and all the coordinates are recorded.


BizCloud Mobile App : GPS Clock In

GPS Clock In: GPS Location View

Working Pattern

The employee working pattern is a set of data to define when should the employee work. Currently, you can define employee to work in weekly pattern, 2 weekly, 3 weekly or monthly. You can also set employees to work in Saturday, alternate Saturday and etc. The BizCloud will match the working pattern with attendance record to determine late, leave early, lunch time and etc.

After matching, the result is shown in your summary report.

Work Pattern Setting

E-Leave and Attendance Integration

The attendance is integrated to BizCloud e-Leave seamlessly. If an employee take leave that day, the attendance report will show that the employee is on leave and summary report will indicate leaves on the day.

Save time
For many SME, the automation of attendance record can save your admin work. It is not recommended to spend much time on routine and paper works but to focus on building the business itself.

E-Leave: Leave Application

E-Leave: Leave Calendar

E-Leave: Employee Leave Record

E-Leave: Report